...has become the perfect venue for our marketplace internship. Located in Conyers, GA (just east of metro Atlanta) our local craft coffee house, roaster, and creative co-working space, is designed to be a journey based opportunity where you will learn practical life and business skills as well as discover God's heart for you through "doing life" in Family. You will discover how to become a leader in your home, school, and city as you serve alongside our staff of faith-filled influencers in business and creative arts. Our hope is that through this internship experience you will find strength in community as you become rooted in your faith and filled with hope about your future. We have been given a set of Culture Statements that we believe will be instrumental in seeing Heaven invade Earth and the Culture of the Kingdom be leaven in the cultures of this world.


What if you had a community of people committed to see you thrive in the marketplace you are called to? What could be possible if you had the right support?

In short, Anything... Everything!

Jason Cosby / Executive Director

It's not complicated. Heaven can come down, in every sphere of influence.  I want to see you bring heaven into yours.

Noelle Cosby / Creative Director

I'm excited to share with you my over 20 years of marketplace leadership experience in hopes that my Kingdom story will inspire you to pursue yours.

Alexandra Barz/ Pastoral Leader

Caring for others is my passion, as the Community Initiative Coordinator and Pastoral leader at ACI it is my pleasure to serve our community by meeting needs one person at a time.


Are you interested changing the world through the marketplace? Are you looking for more information about ASML? Requesting materials to promote ASML in your area? Please send us an email, and we've love to answer any and all your questions!

AWAKE School for Marketplace Leadership

862 N Main St
GA 30012


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