Our Business Community Project provides co-working space and support services to small businesses at our 909 Commercial Street location.  Our Christ centered marketplace leadership training and education provides kingdom mentorship, business education, leadership coaching and scholarship programs for christian business upstarts in and around the communities we serve and love.

Our Arts & Entertainment project is here to serve the creative arts community with space to create and thrive.  Alongside hosting open mic nights, poetry readings, and festivals for them to shine.  We also gather the creative community for nights of worship and prayer to celebrate the One who created us.

Communities thrive when we serve together.  This project provides support, partnership and education to our community through pastoral care and counseling, connection and partnership with other organizations, and christian education.  Our heart is to bring resource and encouragement to families and individuals in our city by meeting emergency needs and connecting them to community resources that can journey with them to restore their dignity.

The Coffee growing nations of the world are some of the most underserved.  This project is designed to partner, support and train people of these areas with Pastoral care, kingdom connections and Christ centered education.  We will host on location seminars, conferences and outreach projects to meet the needs of whole communities using our connections of leaders and organizations here in the states.

We exist to cultivate community, both local and international, by funding and hosting social projects to Awaken a generation to the love of God, bringing them into the fullness of the Kingdom of God.

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