Culture of Reconciliation

I truly believe that reconciliation is a Kingdom culture that is needed more now than ever before in our time.  Especially in this time of American history.  I am reminded of Paul’s writings in 2 Corinthians.  The Passion version translates this so beautifully.

If we are out of our minds in a blissful, divine ecstasy, it is for God, but if we are in our right minds, it is for your benefit. For it is Christ’s love that fuels our passion and motivates us, because we are absolutely convinced that he has given his life for all of us. This means all died with him, so that those who live should no longer live self-absorbed lives but lives that are poured out for him—the one who died for us and now lives again. 

So then, from now on, we have a new perspective that refuses to evaluate people merely by their outward appearances. For that’s how we once viewed the Anointed One, but no longer do we see him with limited human insight.

Now, if anyone is enfolded into Christ, he has become an entirely new person. All that is related to the old order has vanished. Behold, everything is fresh and new. And God has made all things new, and reconciled us to himself, and given us the ministry of reconciling others to God. In other words, it was through the Anointed One that God was shepherding the world, not even keeping records of their transgressions, and he has entrusted to us the ministry of opening the door of reconciliation to God. We are ambassadors of the Anointed One who carry the message of Christ to the world, as though God were tenderly pleading with them directly through our lips. So we tenderly plead with you on Christ’s behalf, “Turn back to God and be reconciled to him.” For God made the only one who did not know sin to become sin for us, so that we who did not know righteousness might become the righteousness of God through our union with him.

Notice here, a most important line. “We have a new perspective that refuses to evaluate people merely by their outward appearances. For that’s how we once view the Anointed One, but no longer do we see him with limited human insight.” I refuse to be neutral in the fight for equality.  I also however refuse to stand on either side.  It is evident there is only one spot for me to stand.  I stand as a Kingdom Man.  I am enfolded into Christ and he has made me an entirely new person.  I can now join with Him and co-labor to shepherd the world around me.  I am doing that with these writings and videos.  

Our Pastor and a Spiritual Father who has been sent to Covington, Conyers and this region, Mark Casto, reminded me that every person who comes to the table with a debate or preconceived notion is not always re-presenting Kingdom thinking.  Though they are so convinced they are right and the other person is wrong.  Like the lady at the well in John 4.  You can go and read the story for yourselves. However, She was a Samaritan who seemed to believe that her religion was right and Jews were wrong and she knew that most Jews believed her to be wrong and them to be right.  This break agreement had been a Holiness issue, Race issue and Religion issue for a very long time.  As I listened and read though, I began to sense the vast difference in her approach and that of Jesus.  She presented her thoughts with logical, physical some would say carnal.  I actually see it as very babylonian.  Meaning, her thinking was filled with the historical context of the perceptions of her family culture and a long history of dishonor, hurt and pain by the Jewish people of their region.  Now, Jesus could have done the exact same thing.  He could have present religious history, context and origin. Yet He did not.  I believe that He knew that He was not there to reconcile her to the Jewish culture, nor was he going to debate her into agreement.  Actually I believe that we cannot have a real transformation with this debate like arguing.  We have to give, as Jesus did, an opportunity for an encounter with Yahweh. Spirit and truth will be the only way to cut the tension with race and religion. This battle of Race and Religion will never be won with words and debate. Ultimately we must fight this battle by not fighting in the battle.  Remember, I said I am not neutral.  No, we must introduce in these conversations that Love for Christ and from Christ should be the fuel of our passion and motivation.  Jesus loved this woman back into the arms of the Father.  How, by listening and speaking from a beloved identity.  He was not simply a jew, gentile, a samaritan, He was a Son of God.  He did not represent a people group, a belief, a thought, He re-presented the Father.  

I am seeing that for the debates of lives that matter, diseases that kill and leaders who lead to be over, we need to re-present a loving Father and risk it all.  Listen and answer the hurt with Love.  Listen and answer the pain with hope.  Reconcile our thinking, our actions and ultimately our devotion to the only one who can bring righteousness, Yahweh.  Then and only then can we be reconciled to one another.  

Culture cannot just be a language we use, it has to be a life we live.  There is no side to pick, or debate to win.  All are at their very best concepts and precepts of subcultures created from pain, hurt and hopelessness.  Transformation will never come from subcultural changes.  Transformation will only come from a representation of a Kingdom Culture and beloved Identity.  So, risk it all, put away your ideals and fears, settle your heart in being Sons and Daughters of God.  Let’s take up the ministry we have been given, The Culture of Reconciliation. 


Jason Cosby

Executive Director

AWAKE Communities.