Mission & Vision of AWAKE


We exist to, empower and equip generations awakened to the love of God to live missionally, cultivate community, and sustain a Kingdom of Heaven culture, both local and international.


To see a generation alive on earth awakened to the love of God the Father and experiencing the fullness of the Kingdom of God through a relationship with Jesus Christ, led by a global community of inspired, equipped, and Holy Spirit empowered leaders living in authentic intentional and missional relationships until the return of Jesus.

AWAKE Communities Culture Statements

Culture of Community – Acts 2:42-46

-Gather daily in one accord for one purpose-Kingdom Come!!!!!

Culture of Devotion – Mark 12:30, John 15:5

-Jesus First

Culture of Family – John 13:35, Heb 10
-Brotherly Love

Culture of Honor – 1 Thess 5:12-13

-Other’s First

Culture of Faith – Mark 11:23, Heb 11:6

-Believing God beyond borders

Culture of Interdependence – Eph 4:16

-Work as a Team

Culture of Flexibility – Acts 10, Acts 16:6-10, Matthew 4:18-22

-Blessed are the flexible for they don’t get bent out of shape

Culture of Kingdom-Mat 5-7, Mat 6:33, Psalm 34 (what it looks like)


Culture of Reconciliation-2 Cor 5:11, 17-21, Mal 4:4-6 (Obedience)

 -To God and each other

Culture of Patience-Isaiah 40:31, Hab 2:2-3

-Waiting on the Lord

Culture of Initiative-Mat 13:44-46, James 4:13-17

-Buy the Field

Culture of Excellence-Matthew 25:14-30, 2 Cor 8:7


-Your best with what you’ve been given

Culture of Joy-James 1:2-3

-Choose Joy in the midst of trials

Culture of Empowerment-Matthew 28:18-20

-Go therefore

Statement of Faith

What we believe:

  • We believe the Bible is God’s standard and measurement for believers, as such, it’s truth without error.
  • We believe in a personal experience of salvation by faith in the name of Jesus and obedience to his word.
  • We believe in the baptism of The Holy Spirit and operation of spiritual gifts.
  • We believe in intensive evangelization and discipleship by preaching, teaching, and healing according to the ministry of Jesus Christ as witnessed in the Gospel.
  • We believe in personal holiness and consecration.
  • We recognize that all true believers, regardless of denomination or organization, are baptized of one Spirit into one Body, thus fulfilling Christ’s prayer for unity according the Gospel of John.
  • We believe in the Christian’s hope of an imminent, personal return of the Lord Jesus.
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