Discover and launch into your God-given purpose through as a student with AWAKE Communities. Our marketplace leadership school is led by a community of leaders committed to seeing you thrive. We envision leaders being sent into the marketplace to shift culture, build missional communities, operate in their purpose and train others to do the same both local and international.


  • August 2018 - May 2019

  • Fall Session designed to immerse you in kingdom culture, and strengthen your foundation of faith

  • Spring Session designed for you to discover your God-given destiny, and how to lead in the marketplace

  • 10 hours of discipleship, marketplace ministry, and community classes and training per week

  • 10 hours of work based learning within AWAKE Coffee Co as we disciple a city


  • August 2018 - May 2019

  • Fall Session with an emphasis on living a supernatural lifestyle, and tending your personal revival fire

  • Spring Session focused on refining God's purpose for you, and working in the facet of culture you're called to

  • 10 hours of discipleship, marketplace ministry, and community classes and training per week

  • 10 hours within AWAKE Coffee Co and a local organization/business focused on building the kingdom


  • August 2018 - August 2019

  • For graduates of Rooted Program or an approved affiliate school/program

  • Specialized IEP (individualized educational plan) for each leader

  • 20 hours focused on leading and serving within the marketplace in every sphere of culture

  • Discover how to sustain personal revival while partnering with like-minded believers to bring Heaven to Earth in your everyday


Tuition costs, discounts, tuition examples, financial policies, donations, and how to make payments towards student accounts.


Dates for application opening and closing, start of school, graduation, and other key dates for the school year.


What if you had a community of people committed to see you thrive in the marketplace you are called to? What could be possible if you had the right support?

In short, Anything... Everything!

Alec Smith / School Director

I'm committed to seeing young leaders thriving in every sphere of culture, and I was to maximize that vision God has places inside you

Noelle Cosby / Cultivate Lead Instructor

What I do for fun? Hanging out with my best friend pretty much anywhere.

Jason Cosby / Cultivate Lead Instructor

It's not complicated. Heaven can come down, in every sphere of influence.  I want to see you bring heaven into yours.


Are you interested changing the world through the marketplace? Are you looking for more information about ASML? Requesting materials to promote ASML in your area? Please send us an email, and we've love to answer any and all your questions!

AWAKE School for Marketplace Leadership

862 N Main St
GA 30012


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